I’m in love with Ramit Sethi

I really am. I love his site. I love him. I love his site. Did I mention I love him?

Okay, so when he and his peeps from IWillTeachYouToBeRich contacted me about his new book, I had to read it. Even though I hate self-help books. Who am I kidding, I’m constantly reading self-help books. They generally suck. This one doesn’t.

Consensus: The first chapter is great! Seriously, Ramit, you missed your calling. Forget finance, this guy should be a novelist. But then…who would help me balance my checkbook?

My favorite anecdote from the first chapter of  I Will Teach You To Be Rich?

You’ll never see an Indian driving a two-door coupe. Seriously, think about it. If you have a neighborhood Indian-let’s call him Raj-he’s probably driving a four-door car, usually a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. However, Indian people aren’t just fanatical about driving practical four-door cars. We’re absolutely nuts about hammering down the price to the last penny. Take my dad, for example. He’ll bargain for five straight days just to buy one car. Dear God, it’s not pretty. I’ve been along for the ride on these week long negotiating sessions with him before. Once, as he was literally about to sign the papers, he stopped, asked them to throw in free floor mats (a $50 value),and walked away when they refused. This, after he’d spent five days bargaining them down. As he dragged me from the dealership, I just stared straight ahead, shell-shocked.

OMG, I can’t marry you Ramit! We’re definitely first-cousins or something! I swear my dad did the same exact thing. Oh, well. Sigh.

Anyway, skip your lattes for a week, save $11, and get his book.

Disclaimer: I’m still not a sell-out. Nobody gave me anything to promote this book. Unless R.S. ships a copy to me. Then I’ll be a happy sell-out. Too bad I already ordered it :P

Disclaimer II: Ramit’s girlfriend – please don’t kill me.

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5 responses to “I’m in love with Ramit Sethi

  1. thelincmeister

    I shared his views on pets till I myself got one.

    :) :) :)

    I have seen a few (well two–know one, and saw an other one) young Indian guys driving a coup.

    But yeah.

    But this is probably one book, I really need to get. When I first got my bank account at 18, I balanced my checkbook meticulously. After about a year, I stopped.

  2. phillygrrl..good post on ramit :). i have already read this book and this is one of the best PF book i have ever read. my fav chapter is ‘Conscious spending’ and ‘Making accounts work together – automatically’..

  3. might actually get this book, 10 bucks can’t complain on amazon. If it works i’m a fan =P

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