Can Comcast be Cool?


I’ve hesitated commenting on this whole Comcast blog deal for a bit. I find it all…a bit complicated. (Love a company for stabilizing Philadelphia’s economy, or hate it on principal? Puzzling.)

My Comcastic friends have been telling me quite a bit about this whole Comcast Voices blog, which features Scott McNulty as “chief blogger.”

I still remember the hubbub at Comcast when Bob Garfield made the blog “ComcastMustDie.” A nightmare for the company. But a great wake-up call. Certainly it did more good than harm.

“As both The New York Times and Washington Post have recently reported, the company has heard our angry voices and taken concrete steps in the process of putting customers first. Meantime, it has used ComcastMustDie to specifically resolve many hundreds of customer complaints. There is a long way for Comcast to go, but there is also no question that it has been forced by us to reckon with us. Now we will employ the same formula to other serial customer-abusers.”

However, countering a blog with a corporate blog? I’m still a little confused. Blogging as corporate marketing strategy just seems to fly  in the face of all that is bloggy and holy.

I can’t decide if I want to hate Comcast and everyone associated with its blogging strategy as part of my blanket hatred of large corporations. Or if I should accept this as a revolutionary turning point in customer-service relations. Certainly they’ve been shoddy in the past (and continue to be in the present.)

At the same time, I have nothing against Mr. McNulty. If I didn’t know him at all, I’d be inclined to label him a sellout. But that’s hypocritical. Of course I’d like to be payed to blog.  Anyone would. And if any single person can help out Comcast, it’s Mr. McNulty, whose reputation in the blogging world is rock solid. We trust him, plain and simple. At least I do.

Let’s see where this all goes. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with this.  Time to sit back and wait. It could work out very well. Or not.

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2 responses to “Can Comcast be Cool?

  1. Thanks for the kind words (about me at least).

    All I can tell you is that I wouldn’t have taken this job if I didn’t think Comcast was truly interested in changing its corporate culture and devoted to improving customer service (woah, that sounded totally corporate, but I honestly mean it!).

    I hope you subscribe to Comcast Voices and let me know if you think what we’re doing is worth your time. If it isn’t I want to know!

  2. Sounds like a good deal, I’m keeping an eye on it, no worries :)

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